Stòffa’s Stylish SoHo Outpost

The newly opened space acts as the headquarters for the brand's efforts

Oftentimes custom-fitted clothing can be costly and exclusive. But for Stòffa, an independent made-to-measure brand that launched in 2014, the process of buying clothes that are crafted just for you shouldn’t be limited to three-piece-suits or hats and priced outrageously. As Stòffa’s Nick Ragosta explains, “We believe that made-to-measure is an important vehicle for making ‘buy less but better’ a real option.”

“First and foremost, it’s about service,” he says. “And by taking the time to truly understand the client, we can help them achieve the right combination of fit and fabric for their individual lifestyle.”

The brand offers made-to-measure garments that can be worn every day. Whether it be understated 100% cotton T-shirts ($120) or the slyly luxe Band Collar Shirt, the apparel made by Ragosta and Agyesh Madan puts quality ahead of quantity—something they lobby to, but do not force upon, their clients. Fans of the label can purchase an entire wardrobe here and seamlessly match any items together. After a single measurement, repeat buyers can return to their profile page and re-order without having to return in person.

Consistency is a part of their ethos, and the pair’s tastes are reflected in their newly opened showroom, on the second floor of 54 Mercer Street, SoHo. Chairs made in collaboration with designer Mario Milana feature a custom combination of the brand’s fabrics—and they’re available for order too.

Perhaps most surprising to clients most familiar with made-to-measure suiting is that Stòffa is not only willing, but eager, to work with materials like suede, leather and cotton—all of which can be applied to any of the brand’s existing designs.

“Garments like suede or leather jackets are often heirloom pieces, but if they don’t fit right, they’re very difficult to alter,” Ragosta says. “By offering them made-to-measure, we can not only customize the fit, but also work with the customer to select the material and color that best fits their individual lifestyle. The result is a product that is inherently more personal and long lasting.”

“The suit-and-tie is no longer an everyday uniform,” Madan says. “We’re looking back to the old-world service of the personal tailor but applying it to a modern platform and relevant product offering. Previously, made-to-measure had been slow and very expensive, but we’re removing these barriers, delivering faster and at a less prohibitive cost. Since made-to-measure garments are individually produced on-demand, we’re also able to avoid the environmental waste that is often linked with ready-to-wear.”

Within the 1,000 square feet the brand now occupies, this philosophy comes to life—and permeates from the moment you first find the brand until you try on your first order. Even if it’s merely exploratory, scheduling a visit is certainly encouraged.

Images courtesy of Stòffa