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“I Didn’t Miss You” Card


New York-based artist Julia Pott draws, in her words, “aggressively cute” illustrations and her greeting cards are no exception. If being brutality honest is your vibe, Pott’s oddly sweet “I didn’t miss …

Bear Wrapping Paper


Donna Wilson has been the definition of cute since releasing her peculiar knitted creatures into the world in 2003. Her bear-print wrapping paper makes opening a gift even more of a delight.

Beats + Hello Kitty Headphones


These super cute special edition Beats + Hello Kitty Solo² lightweight high fidelity headphones come with a custom case to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. They feature a blue and white headband …

I Heart Guts! Black Heart

by Julie Wolfson After a slew of lousy relationships cured by heavy drinking, the designer and brains behind I Heart Guts! found restitution in creating Black Heart. Known for their very colorful …