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Personable personal vibrators from Kokoro


The anatomically correct offerings from Italian company Kokoro balance sex, sophistication and humor in a series of colorful pleasure toys. Designed by Madeindreams, the Buxxxer line offers an approachable alternative to market offerings, which typically range from the frighteningly utilitarian to the overly sophisticated. The three models are the cheerful Clitt (a two-pronged option for clitoral stimulation), the affable Geena (a non-invasive personal massager) and the surprised Woody (a straightforward model for deeper penetration).


A simple on and off switch governs the toys from each characters’ belly button, and continuous run time on a single charge comes in at about an hour. Buxxxer products use hypoallergenic and Phthalate-free materials that are rigid but soft to the touch. The line has yet to drop, so check in on Kokoro’s website for updates on availability.


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