Min Pin Shop

Creepy peepers and deadly creatures turned cute for cushions, prints and other homeware


Melbourne-based Min Pin Design knows how to toe the line between eerie and cute. Founded in 2013 by the very artistically versatile Penny Ferguson, Min Pin’s handmade jewelry, prints, totes and pillows have plenty of personality, with cartoonish critters and sulking monsters that are sure to charm. Despite saccharine hues, Ferguson is definitely in touch with her darker side, with plenty of references to the infamously sinister David Lynch in a number of her pieces, not to mention her “Jesse Eyesenberg” collection of creepy peeper-covered pieces that hypnotize as they stare back at you. Min Pin even manages to make Australia’s deadly snakes, sharks and scorpions seem endearing, suggesting that perhaps scary is merely a matter of perspective.

Min Pin Designs ($5–$36) are available on Etsy.

Images courtesy of Min Pin Design