Summer Gravel Riding Gear

Shoes, shades, tech and more for long days on remote roads

Occupying a gray area between mountain biking and road cycling, gravel riding is all about mixing up different surfaces on the same ride. As such, the gear for gravel riding pulls from both disciplines of cycling and breaks down some of the hardened norms that exist around bike gear. While the activity is an amalgam of styles, all the apparel and accessories still needs to …

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Emily Brooke

Beryl's founder and CEO aims to remove blindspots for cyclists

Presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

With Beryl, founder and CEO Emily Brooke intends to light up the world for cyclists—making it safer along the way. In 2012, Brooke invented Laserlight, a bike accessory that laser projects an image ahead so that drivers can see who is cycling nearby. Laserlight (along with Beryl’s other products) are chipping away at problems with blindspots. And Brooke’s products have been so successful that they even accompany …

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Sportsball

Whether in your own backyard, on the road or the slopes, some of our favorite gifts for active people

As constant consumers (and creators) of the internet, we cannot emphasize enough the value of time spent outdoors. Surfing, skating and cycling have long been important to COOL HUNTING, but the unprecedented splendor of early-morning hikes, staring at the stars by night or walking through a tantalizing new city only hint at the uncountable ways to enjoy time outside. That’s what our Sportsball Gift Guide is for: …