Morgaw Shock Absorbing Bicycle Saddle

An innovative design increases flex and rider stability while cutting tension both on and off road


As an answer to the cyclist’s favorite component to complain about, Slovakian designers have developed a new type of bicycle saddle called the Morgaw. The lightweight, carbon-based saddle combines a modular rail system with two small shock absorbers to add flexibility and stability while absorbing road rumble, thus reducing tension on the spine and lower back. Unlike traditional saddles, the innovative design allows for torsional flex at the point where the saddle, shocks and rails come together, and horizontal flex from where the rails attach to the seat post. Through this, a more natural, responsive ride is achieved, one during which the cyclist is said to be more in tune with the machine.


With the option of using soft, medium or hard shock absorbers, along with steel or carbon fiber rails, the saddle is able to be customized to fit the rider. Additionally, by creating an interchangeable rail system, the saddle’s life is extended—no more will a crooked, cracked or broken rail ruin the saddle as a whole. The seat itself will be coated in a non-slip surface to increase traction in inclement weather conditions.

As the Morgaw is currently in the crowd-sourcing phase, we have yet to experience the ride for itself, however from what can seen, the research of the forward-thinking Slovakian cycling enthusiasts behind the project seems thorough. Visit the Morgaw project on Indiegogo now to secure a saddle for just $49 and help give the campaign a little nudge it needs to reach their goal.

Images courtesy of Morgaw