Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Underwater sculptures, meteor material, uncovered demos from The Velvet Underground and more from around the internet

Remarkable Sea Creatures Discovered Thousands of Meters Deep Deep below the surface of the Indian Ocean—thousands of meters down—several remarkable creatures have been discovered by biologists. There are animals “decked out in twinkling lights, with velvety black skin and mouths full of needle-sharp, glassy fangs.” These inhabitants represent a very remote part of the planet. Not only do they live deep down, within massive underwater …

David Hockney Immersive Show Slated to Open in London

Opening at London’s Lightroom in January 2023, the multi-sensory exhibition David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) will pair digital projection with immersive audio. This confluence of technology aims to bring several Hockney works to life, from iconic paintings to new pieces. Presented in six chapters, the show incorporates narration by Hockney and an original score by composer Nico Muhly. The experience …

Medium Wobble Pot

Utilizing a painting process inspired by the stage sets of David Hockney, London-based ceramicist Katie Moore crafts decorated, sculptural clay objects like the Medium Wobble Pot. Hand-built and fired at a low temperature to preserve vibrancy, the vase combines a whimsical tilt with theatrical, colorful patterns. Each one is made to order and unique in shape and design. Price is in Pounds.