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“Hope in Spring: Draw Like Hockney” Calls for Submissions

The beloved and brilliant British artist’s recent series of works has inspired a contest

Born from David Hockney‘s recently released iPad artworks (created during his isolation in Normandy), the Hope in Spring: Draw Like Hockney competition calls for submissions from anyone interested—there are no age limits or prerequisites. Formed from a partnership between Théâtre du Châtelet, the Center Pompidou, and France Inter, the competition brief is “to produce a work like David Hockney, around spring and the message of hope it conveys.” Entrants submit their creations via e-mail ( or on social media (using #HockneyPrintemps) for evaluation. From the entries, three judges (who will be selected by the partnering parties) will choose 10 works to be presented in a gallery exhibition and online by the aforementioned institutions.

Hockney’s style is inimitable and those seeking to enter need not attempt to mimic his recent work. Rather, they must “evoke the awakening of nature in spring and the hope that it can arouse in us”—in whatever form that may take.

In a moving letter to Ruth Mackenzie (who is the artistic director of the Théâtre du Châtelet), Hockney says, “Why are my designs received like a respite from this whirlwind of scary news? They bear witness to the cycle of life which begins again here with the start of spring. I will endeavor to continue this work now that I have appreciated its importance. My life is fine for me, I have something to do: paint.”

Visit Hope in Spring: Draw Like Hockney to find out more. The competition closes 21 June.

Images courtesy of David Hockney 


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