Steps Bookend

Constructed from sturdy metal and shaped like a staircase, Poketo’s Steps Bookend promises to be a functional, design-forward piece that works on a bookshelf or desk. Available in cheerful colors (seafoam, coral or dark blue), the hand-painted piece keeps books upright and in place while adding color and whimsy to any room.

Tripod Table

Crafted from baltic birch and aircraft-grade aluminum, Intension Design’s Tripod Table can be adjusted to make your mobile workplace more comfortable. Whether you require it at its tallest (4.8 feet) or you only need a bit of elevation (1.8 feet), the birch plate—affixed to a quick-release tripod—keeps your laptop in place. Its ability to break down makes traveling with it easy too.

International Design Duo Craig & Karl + Fabricator Dan Conway’s “Holey Moly” Desk

Ideas transmitted across the Atlantic come to life as a bright piece of furniture

Australian design duo Craig & Karl—the collaborative pairing of NYC-based Craig Redman and London-based Karl Maier—bring together bold ideas for illustrations, installations and various other mediums. Their patterned, geometric, and colorful output often carries optimism and accessibility. Such is the case with their brand new Holey Moly desk, designed during international shelter-in-place directives. Brooklyn-based Dan Conway fabricated the desk by CNC-ing baltic birch plywood and …