Colorful Office Additions

Functional accessories and furniture in subtle and vibrant hues

Without a doubt, color influences our psychology—from moods to productivity—and as much as we champion minimalism here at CH, sometimes black-and-white-with-leather-details isn’t enough to stimulate the creative juices. While you’re saving up for that one stunning piece of artwork you admire, here are some pieces of furniture and desk accessories that are not only functional but also add pops of subtle or vibrant hues to your current office set-up.

Silicon Storage Containers

One downside to using a coffee mug or a tray as a hold-all for your miscellaneous junk is that it catches dust; but it’s also an eyesore. Menu’s different-sized Phold containers (starting at $20) have a nifty lid that pops up or folds down, organizing your knickknacks and keeping them out of sight until duty calls. But the most unusual addition it will make to your desk is their material: a food-safe silicone that’s soft to the touch.

Iced Tea Pitcher

Stay hydrated (and/or caffeinated) at the desk—and save a few back-and-forths from the kitchen—with this bright two liter infuser and pitcher ($37) from the tea fanatics over at T2. They’ve made it absolutely spill-proof, so you won’t ever be mopping up your desk with wet business cards and contracts—and it also tucks into the fridge door.

Aqua Monitor Riser

Break down that stack of coffee table books your iMac is perched on and try this space-saving aqua monitor riser ($40), which functions like a shelf and offers room to tuck in your keyboard, too. If you have a bit of an aqua obsession, you’re in luck: Poppin also has lounge sofas, rolling file cabinets, desk lamps and accessories all the way down to the stapler in that same vibrant hue. Their vast collection also comes in other colors of the rainbow too; click on any color at the top of their website to see what’s available.

Perforated Metal Shelf

A modern take on the corkboard, Australia’s Bride & Wolfe has made a version out of powder-coated perforated metal that comes complete with shelves. Available in a selection of colors, the circular shelf ($329 AUD) has magnetized areas for hanging art and photos, is able to carry a little over four pounds and comes with a set of wall anchors and screws.

Transparent Storage Cube

Designed by Patrick Jouin and made in Italy, Kartell’s transparent but bright Optic Storage Cube ($350) makes for a bold storage option. Along with the colors (smoke, red, purple and crystal), the faceted walls create an engaging visual effect which changes depending on where the sunshine or desk lamps are. Available in two versions—closed with a door or open with no door—the cubes can be stacked or lined up to create a bookshelf-type structure.

Task Chair

Furniture company Arper’s newest task chair Kinesit is a beautiful experiment in airy sleekness. Distinguishing itself from the traditional bulky computer chair, this ultra-comfortable design is streamlined—even the levers to adjust seat height and lumbar support aren’t visible to the eye. Choose from an array of Kvadrat textiles: the seat and back can be different colors, allowing for adventurous yet elegant combinations. If you need inspiration, grey and rose color-blocked Kinesit chairs furnish Campari’s Canadian headquarters—a wordless celebration of the Italian liquor company’s signature color.

Images courtesy of respective brands