Artifox’s Hardwood Standing Desks

Adjustable walnut or maple personal workspaces made in the USA

While St. Louis, Missouri’s Artifox design studio notes that they’ve drawn inspiration for their standing desks from traditional writing desks, there’s definitely more to these than that. Their new Maple Standing Desk 01 and Walnut Standing Desk 01 are beautiful, but they’re also crafted in their St. Louis studio—from wood drawn from a sustainable forest in Missouri. On top of that, there are plenty of modern features that make them a viable option in the standing desk boom. From adjustable legs to advanced functionality—all spearheaded by local makers—these are modern takes on the personal work station.

“One thing that makes them a little different is that they have a metal skeleton,” Artifox’s Sean Kirkland explains to CH. “There’s black metal paired with the walnut desk and white metal paired with the maple desk. It makes them a lot stronger and easier to take them apart, transport them and put them together again.” Other features include a storage cabinet for hiding cables and drives, magnets in the legs for cable management and a removable writable surface for scrawling notes or ideas directly atop the desk. All legs are adjustable, allowing for a shift from 40″ to 45″ in height. Further, all of the wood is hardwood and the metal happens to be aircraft grade aluminum. The attention to detail and quality of manufacture are evident in design and execution. And while the standing desks are our favorite, Artifox has plenty of other products that carry the same skill.

The Maple Standing Desk 01 ($2,000) and Walnut Standing Desk 01 ($2,200) can be ordered online in left-handed or right-handed models. As the products are made to order, delivery takes six to eight weeks.

Images courtesy of Artifox