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Hand-Held Music Maker


RUKUSfx is a motion-controlled device that provides young ones with a fun and approachable entry into music making and mixing. Moving the hand-held gadget (which also comes in custom tie-dye skins) creates …

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Daniel Avery: Hazel and Gold

English DJ and producer Daniel Avery recently released Together in Static, an album composed specifically for a live performance (taking place this Friday) at Hackney Church. “As with many things this past …

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Sofia Kourtesis: La Perla

Following her 2020 EP, Sarita Colonia, Berlin-based musician Sofia Kourtesis returns with the soaring “La Perla.” The song will appear on Fresia Magdalena (set for release in March) which will feature several field …

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Moon — The Area of Influence


Legendary DJ/producer/composer Jeff Mills (aka The Wizard) is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing by releasing a conceptual album inspired by the moon. Available as a double-LP (or on …

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The Golden Age of NYC Radio

Red Bull Music delves into the New York City radio scene of the ‘80s in its short documentary, “Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio 1980-1988.” Just as the …

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Shawn Wasabi: Marble Soda

Music producer (and MIDI controller magician) Shawn Wasabi makes a comeback after almost a year with the intensely stimulating “Marble Soda,” a mash-up of samples culled from 153 different songs and sounds. …

HD8 DJ Headphones


With a bounty of low-quality DJ gear flooding the market, Sennheiser’s high-end HD8 DJ model headphones are all the more exceptional. Features include swiveling ear cups, attenuating background noise and accurate, rich …