NuraTrue Earphones

Nura’s newest audio product, the wireless NuraTrue earphones improve noise-cancellation along with the sound quality. Providing exceptional bass and clear phone calls, the buds are ideal for audiophiles. They’re also water-resistant, with an IPX4 rating—meaning they’re safe from splashes and sweat. They come with a fast-charging case as well as four sets of different sized silicone ear-tips.

Ultimate Ears’ Custom-Fitted CSX Earphones

Using the brand's at-home FitKit, wearers can fully customize these earbuds

We’ve been fans of Ultimate Ears‘ custom-fitted earphones since we first reviewed them back in 2005 and have reported on improvements unveiled since. Now the CSX earphone family supports Bluetooth and UE’s Fitkit program allows customers to make their own ear impressions at home with a smartphone (you can still visit an audiologist to create your ear impressions) and once you send over the impressions, …

Xen Nerve Stimulator Set

Meant to stimulate the Vagus nerve (a regulatory bodily component that starts within the ear and runs through nearly every organ) while its user listens to music, this tech-forward set—which includes the Xen device, headphones, interchangeable earbuds, a display stand, and the necessary charging accessories—replaces typical listening devices. It connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device and streaming service and offers a proprietary in-ear treatment …