Doppler Labs’ Here One Listening System

Wireless earbuds with adaptive, noise-controlling technology like you've never seen (or heard) before

Only a year ago, SF-based Doppler Labs (whose mission is to put a computer in every person’s ear) raised $635,189 on Kickstarter for their debut product Here Active Listening, a set of earbuds that allows wearers to alter sounds in the real world with a focus on real-time manipulation of music playing at a live concert. The brand has since shipped those products and today announces another, more consumer-friendly, device: Here One. In essence, Doppler Labs have taken the functionality from their super-human first product and created wireless music playing earphones (which, remarkably, the first set of earbuds did not do). Here, the initial technology becomes incredibly important.

For instance, there’s a layered listening feature that allows those en route (be it on a bicycle or in a car) to listen to their music or phone calls while having surrounding traffic noise blended in without disruption. Audio is optimized, as is awareness. This is all done through a series of smart noise filters which allow for the cancelation or amplification of select sounds. Whereas their first product demonstrated uncommon creativity with a backbone of complex tech, this second product takes that concept and applies it in a useful (and pretty good looking) way. We’re hoping for the third iteration, whenever it comes, Doppler will add in real-time language translation—a truly killer app for an in-ear computer.

Pre-order Here One online now for $299. Delivery is slated for November 2016.

Images courtesy of Doppler Labs