Four Espresso Smile Cups

These espresso cups with large, looping smiles make drinking coffee a touch more humorous. Sold in a set of four, they are hand-cast and hand-glazed in Brussels and are dishwasher safe. A yellow-tinged, graffiti-reminiscent smiley face embellishes each of these unique porcelain cups with character—and no two are exactly alike. Price is in Euros.

Bambino Espresso Maker

Breville’s most affordable and compact espresso maker, the Bambino is designed to save counter space but maintain coffee quality. Despite measuring only 6.25 inches in width, the Bambino incorporates many of the features Breville users have grown to love, including the advanced system that pre-infuses coffee grinds for greater extraction and the electronic temperature control. The stainless steel appliance also includes a steam wand for …

The Community-Driven Ethos Behind Oakland’s Red Bay Coffee

In an industry saturated by foul play, this California-based brand aims to foster a global community and create opportunity

On 10th Street in Oakland, Red Bay Coffee (a certified B Corp) offers ample space to sip coffee and hosts events where visitors find the open warehouse space filled with others enjoying coffee while watching performances, taking part in workshops, and attending cookbook launches. The pandemic hit Red Bay Coffee—like so many others—hard, and demanded that founder and owner Keba Konte think fast and collaborate …