Nespresso + Breville Creatista Plus

Two coffee appliance icons unite for a beautiful, easy-to-use automatic espresso machine

Simply put, the new Creatista Plus is what happens when two of the most respected names in coffee-making appliances unite. With Nespresso‘s simple, recyclable pod process and Breville‘s sleek, stainless steel design, it’s as easy to use as it is beautiful. And, after extensive testing, we can attest to the flavorful coffee produced in a very short amount of time. This is a single-serve espresso machine that offers seven different coffee options. The hot milk setting allows for simultaneous heating and frothing while the coffee from the pod (don’t forget to recycle those) itself is poured inches away. Ease has long stood as the great joy of a Nespresso machine, with a solid espresso or Americano available with the push of a button. With this machine, pre-programmed drinks also include a flat white, cappuccino, café latte, latte macchiato, ristretto, and lungo. All automatic functions are intuitive but for the truly creative, there is level upon level of customization.

It’s very easy for us to get excited about coffee and a machine that saves time and removes exploratory barriers appeals for many reasons. The unique steam wand here is capable of delivering multiple milk foam textures and a temperature sensor allows for precision control. On the time-saving front, the wand also has a fast self-cleaning feature that resolves residue on the inside (the outside, of course, still requires a wipe). Because of its intuitive display and step by step guidance, this is an ideal device for the novice coffee lover (and up) who wants to switch things up without sacrificing any quality or flavor.

The Breville + Nespresso Creatista Plus can be purchased online for $450.

Lead image by Cool Hunting, all other images courtesy of Nespresso