Untucked Workwear’s Dynamic Commuter Apparel

Transition from bike to boardroom to bar easily

For any city commute via bus, metro, bike or skateboard, men can find a plethora of workwear options readily available. Locating functional and stylish items for women can pose more of a challenge. Thus, designer Colleen Monroe has created Untucked Workwear to resolve her personal quest to find the apparel she has been looking for. Launching on Kickstarter today, the brand’s aim is to create …

Mulberry Silk Lounge Pants

If you can’t bear to dive in the sheets fully nude, these gossamery lounge pants are your best bet for sleeping as close to naked as possible. Made from incredibly soft 100% mulberry silk—in a unique, laborious process during which silkworms are not harmed—this wide-leg piece is un-dyed to complete its close-to-nature appeal. Part of the profits go to two worthy charities.

Abyssnia by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Functional PVC and leather accessories tapping the energy of Berlin

Chokers have been revived, exhausted, and are on their way out, but the vehemently functional work of Gabriella Marina Gonzalez exists far from what’s in vogue, or traditional fashion seasons for that matter. The Miami native’s Abyssnia accessories collection channels her newfound home, Berlin, and its inescapable club scene. In her previous collection “Alcyone,” Gonzalez seems to defy the laws of physics by molding rigid …