Abyssnia by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Functional PVC and leather accessories tapping the energy of Berlin

Chokers have been revived, exhausted, and are on their way out, but the vehemently functional work of Gabriella Marina Gonzalez exists far from what’s in vogue, or traditional fashion seasons for that matter. The Miami native’s Abyssnia accessories collection channels her newfound home, Berlin, and its inescapable club scene.

In her previous collection “Alcyone,” Gonzalez seems to defy the laws of physics by molding rigid acrylic into “delicate, permanently floating ribbon shapes,” the Central Saint Martins alum tells CH. “That’s how I ended up mixing a material and an idea that totally opposed each other to create that collection.” Wanting to do something completely different for the next one, Gonzalez set out to make something durable and utilitarian. Abyssnia brings together water-resistant canvas, PVC, heavy metal zippers and saddlery leather for interchangeable pieces that can survive even the most consuming warehouse party all-nighter—all the while letting the wearer’s personality beam through the transparent PVC. “Focusing on function and wearability was a new challenge as I had previously been taking a more editorial approach to design,” she says. “I enjoyed bringing an accessible body of work to the public that they can incorporate into their wardrobes rather than just appreciate as an idea.”

If the T-bar harness with removable choker intimidates you, we’d like to point out the utility belt—one of the sexiest iterations of a fannypack we’ve come across—can be rocked anywhere, by anyone.

Highly aware of the human connection her work brings about, Gonzalez donates 10% of proceeds from every purchase to the non-profit Skateistan, which

uses skateboarding as a youth empowerment tool in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. “I chose Skateistan because they focus on empowering young girls in countries where gender-based inequality may have overlooked them entirely. Through sport and education they are given the chance they deserve to discover their potential and take control of their futures,” she explains. “My crew growing up in Miami was a group of at-risk grunger teens and many of the ones who didn’t have something like skating to focus on, channelled that energy with drink and drug abuse. As a young woman I was fortunate enough to have a support system around me that encouraged my strength. I just want to help ensure that others can have that as well.”

Shop GMG pieces—all made to order—online, and keep an eye out for her next few additions to the shop: small, limited edition pieces all made out of recycled materials. “I want to set an example that controlling waste as a brand doesn’t have to affect the quality,” says Gonzalez.

Images courtesy of Vivek Vadoliya