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Bright electro-pop, an experimental jazz journey, a soulful track and more new music

Fousheé: double standard Her first new music since 2021’s 10-track time machine, Fousheé’s “double standard” is delightful, genre-bending song co-written by the New Jersey-based singer-songwriter with BNYX. Fousheé says the song “is addressing outdated gender roles that I have experienced in past relationships and rebelling against them. The imbalance frustrates me. Don’t expect anything from me that you wouldn’t give me, including respect and loyalty. …

Mark Guiliana: Song for Investigating Consciousness

From Grammy-nominated drummer and composer Mark Guiliana’s latest full-length record, Music For Doing (released 28 January), the experimental track “Song for Investigating Consciousness” incorporates the unexpected as it expands and contracts across its more-than-five-minute runtime. For the single, Guiliana is joined by David Binney on sax and Daphne Chen on violin; each lends additional theatrical dimension.

Fatigue Vinyl

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist L’Rain’s experimental album Fatigue sonically and conceptually ponders the meaning of change—and is out now on vinyl via Mexican Summer. L’Rain (aka Taja Creek) draws from an array of styles—including jazz, synths, floaty vocals, gospel and even recordings of dishes being washed—to form a genre that defies categorization. While supplies last, this transformative album contains a limited risograph fold-out print of remedies by …