Mouse On Mars feat. Amanda Blank + Zach Condon: Foul Mouth

A study in genre collision, “Foul Mouth” by German duo Mouse On Mars—and featuring Beirut’s Zach Condon and Amanda Blank—activates some severe sensory stimulation. From murmurs and glitches to ethereal vocalization, the track is the most recent from the Dimensional People Part III debut LP. There’s harmony here, but it’s got an edge.


Rhye, Austra, Schultz + Forever and more in this week's musical round-up

Ezra Furman: Love You So Bad It’s no small wonder to make a song that’s altogether likable, relatable and admirable. Ezra Furman does this with “Love You So Bad,” which has just been released in video form, directed by frequent collaborator Joseph Brett. There’s a dramatic and substantial upbeat energy to Furman’s well-composed world. The song will appear on Transangelic Exodus, the musician’s forthcoming sonic …

Avey Tare: Ms Secret

With visuals “inspired by the coral and nautical motifs throughout [his 2017 album] Eucalyptus as well as this year’s total eclipse,” Avey Tare’s new music video for “Ms Secret” moves forward with beautiful, thematically-linked animation. Directed by Jack Kubizne, the video was developed by Steve Meyer with additional animation by Rick Manlapig and background art by Stephie Miller. The track itself has a measured grace …