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New Study Reveals What Fish Talk About

Scientists have found that acoustic communication under the sea is relied upon by fish even more than previously believed. These “boops, honks and hoots” (though some make noises akin to croaks and …

Nana Vanesyan

Fish Hide


Handmade in Yerevan, Armenia, this hideaway for fish is the perfect place for finned friends to explore and retreat. Its organic shape and subtle hues make for an enticing alternative to plastic …


Smoked Atlantic Salmon


Fishwife’s smoked Atlantic salmon is sourced from the first finfish farm to carry the Fair Trade USA seal, Kvarøy Arctic, raised by third-generation family farmers and smoked in small batches over a …


Kippers in Oil


Anyone who’s ventured to a Nordic nation understands the importance of smoked herring—perhaps with dark bread or schnapps (as the Danish brand Glyngøre suggests). Named after a town in Denmark, Glyngøre’s kippers in …

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Testing for 3D Vision in Cuttlefish

Though octopuses and squids are not capable of seeing in 3D, cuttlefish do boast depth-perception, recent research studies at the University of Minnesota confirmed. When donning 3D glasses, the cuttlefish could not …

Desk Aquarium


Unlike any other desk we’ve seen, Soren Rose Studio’s creation for Homris features a clear aquarium right in the middle. Made from acrylic, this cube-shaped tank appears to be floating. It’s whimsical …

Fish Hotel Aquarium


Whether getting a new gilled friend, or wanting to offer your goldfish a little vacation, this fish hotel aquarium is a thoughtful alternative to the traditional fish bowl. Measuring 20cm x 19cm …