Birthh: Yello / Concrete

Newcomer Birthh (aka Florence-born Alice Bisi) marks her debut London show with a new song, “Yello / Concrete.” Blending folk, hip-hop, neo-soul and lo-fi, Birthh creates a pretty and distinct soundscape. The song ebbs and flows with gentle guitar, keys and laidback percussion, but it’s Bisi’s sweet speak-sing vocals that draw it all together.

Citrus Archaeologist Paolo Galeotti Rediscovers Ancient Plants

Today, the garden of Florence’s Villa di Castello hosts the largest collection of potted citrus plants in the world—near 600 species and varieties, one of which was long thought extinct for more than a century and a half. Citrus Expert Paolo Galeotti saw a sprig of something he thought to be that variety—the three-fruit producing citrus bizzarria. He grafted it onto a plant and brought …

Factory Visit: Christian Louboutin’s Aurelien Production Facility

Exploring the masterful leather production of the acclaimed brand's new sneakers

Tuscany’s international renown stems from its nature and art—the beauty of the hills and the enduring magic of the Renaissance. The crafts of the region are also very well known—leather in particular. But most people are unaware of the level of sophistication and technology that such workmanship involves. Recently we were invited by Christian Louboutin to discover the complex production of Aurelien, the brand’s latest …