Italy in Your Pocket: Fathom’s New Honeymoon Guides

Download these vetted itineraries to Amalfi Coast, Venice and more from the travel pros

Travel website Fathom, which we love for their anti-tourist spin and overall practical—rather than eye candy—approach, has just debuted a new set of ebooks, dubbed Fathom Honeymoon Guides. The team has put together flexible three-day itineraries that take care of what to eat, see and explore, so you’re not trawling through lots of crowdsourced lists yourself. “We want to take the edge off planning a high-pressure trip while leaving room for spontaneity and serendipity,” writes co-founder Pavia Rosati. The first four guides are dedicated to the popular Italian destinations of Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice and Rome. In addition to the itineraries, there’s a helpful cheat sheet that discusses everything from driving versus not driving, to the best souvenirs worth the extra suitcase.

Since the guides are sized perfectly for reading on your iPhone, there’s no room for stunning photos that have become mandatory with online travel guides. Like an old-school book, it’s largely text descriptions—let your imagination run wild for once—but has special features like a linked Google Map containing all the mentioned locations pinned and color-coded; links to further reading on Fathom; plus periodic updates for corrections and/or new suggestions.

And don’t be deterred by the name—this isn’t a guide geared just toward newlyweds, but really anyone who’s open to falling in love with a destination they haven’t visited yet. The Honeymoon Guides are currently $25 each or $85 for the set of four during the month of June, and all the articles on Fathom’s website are always free to browse. Android version coming soon.

Cover images courtesy of Fathom, screenshot by Cool Hunting, final image courtesy of Belmond Hotel Caruso