néomí: not good enough

From Surinamese-Dutch singer-songwriter néomí (aka Neomi Speelman) comes “not good enough,” the fourth single from the folk-pop artist’s forthcoming debut EP, before (out 24 June). The thoughtfully empowering track pairs warm vocals with introspective lyrics. Altogether, it’s a moving composition that stokes the flames of anticipation surrounding the EP.

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From dembow to psych-soul, engaging new tunes that traverse and transcend genre

Rico Nasty: How Ya Feel Over the weekend, Rico Nasty (aka Maria Kelly) released five new tracks that represent her inimitable style and versatility—from spacey to sweet and screamo. “How Ya Feel,” produced by JetsonMade (aka Tahj Morgan), comprises a simple rhyme style but, like everything Rico Nasty does, mesmerizes. Curtis Harding: Can’t Hide It Curtis Harding leans into his psychedelic soul roots with very …

Vale: Línea Recta

Colombian twins Valeria and Valentina Pérez—under the moniker Vale—deliver the harmonious vocals on “Línea Recta.” As the first track from their titular debut album, the song blends folk-pop melodies with poetic lyrics about self-love and -celebration, resulting in a sonic union that recalls basking in the sun or diving into the ocean. Like the other tracks in the album, it’s sung in their native Spanish, …