Coaster Set in Brown

The brown, cream and caramel swirls of this set of four round coasters add a little dazzle to any table setting. Made from hand-poured acrylic resin, the coasters (which measure 9.8cm in diameter) come with a Deco-inspired holder to elegantly store each intricately patterned piece. Price is in AUD.

Meal-Delivery Platform Shef Empowers Immigrants and Refugees

Providing cooking opportunities, as well as programs for refugees, this for-profit platform breaks barriers to food entrepreneurship

When Alvin Salehi worked as a senior technology advisor under President Obama, he visited the Syrian border to learn more about the refugee crisis and, in doing so, found himself looking into something of a mirror. As a child of Iranian immigrants who came to the US in the 1970s, Salehi knew firsthand that whether one has the privilege of a safe and stable life …

The Apple Cider Vinegar

Made by women from sustainably harvested crops, and crafted in collaboration with farmer Joanne Krueger, this apple cider vinegar uses hand-picked organic Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious and Pink Pearl apples for a sweet, elegant upgrade to a pantry staple. Each bottle comes with a probiotic-rich vinegar mother, endowing the cider with 50% more vinegar than other speciality brands, ensuring high equality, longevity and more nuanced …