Four Seasons Seoul’s New Bar, OUL, Features A Celebration of Korean Spirits

Serving only Korean spirits, OUL is a one-stop destination for learning the country's traditional and modern beverages

When we covered the opening of Four Seasons Seoul in 2016, the luxury hotel featured an Italian wine bar that closed during the pandemic. This past year, the doors to the venue reopened under a new name and concept: OUL. With an exciting redirection, the luxury hotel’s bar now celebrates its locale. Exclusively serving Korean fare and spirits (including their own garlic and ginger vodka), …

Piuma Teapot

Designed by architect Marco Sironi for Italian glass manufacturer Ichendorf Milano, the Piuma Teapot features slightly rounded edges and a circular handle, resulting in a clean and elegant expression. Crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass, it has an interior filter for loose-leaf tea. Available in two colors and sizes, it’s an elevated vessel to be used every day or on special occasions.

French Press Brewer

HAY’s French Press Brewer is a refreshing update to the classic mode of coffee-making. The one-liter glass brewer comes in two retro-leaning styles: clear with a yellow and blue lid or aqua with a teal and brown top. When not in use, the colorful essential makes for joyful decor.