Zero Grocery’s Circular, Eco-Conscious Delivery System

Glass jars and plastic-free packaging from a grocery delivery service rooted in quality

Plastic-free shopping can be difficult, even if you bring your own bags. Stores use plastic packaging for house-made items, bulk foods, and even breads and baked goods. Few, especially in the midst of a pandemic, are willing or able to let you repackage an item before purchase. Further, companies often place the responsibility of sustainability on the customer. Zero, which launched in the Bay Area …

Monty’s Deli Opens in London

The market stall upgrades into a full proper delicatessen

With humble beginnings as a bustling market stall on Druid Street, East London’s Monty’s Deli—thanks to a successful Kickstarter that helped raise more than £50,000—has just opened its doors as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. With the additional kitchen space and actual seating, it means preparing Jewish classics for even more hungry mouths. This is one of the few places in the city to make their salt …

Origami Sake Set

Bre & Co’s Origami Sake Set is comprised of 3D-printed ceramic pieces that are hand-finished with a richly saturated, lead-free, dinnerware-safe glaze. The hexagonal shape allows the three cups and bottle—which holds 150 ml of sake—to fit together for easy storage.