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Monty’s Deli Opens in London

The market stall upgrades into a full proper delicatessen

With humble beginnings as a bustling market stall on Druid Street, East London’s Monty’s Deli—thanks to a successful

Kickstarter that helped raise more than £50,000—has just opened its doors as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. With the additional kitchen space and actual seating, it means preparing Jewish classics for even more hungry mouths. This is one of the few places in the city to make their salt beef and pastrami from scratch; but that’s not all: expect freshly handmade bagels, chocolate babka and more.

With aspirations set high (Katz’s in NYC’s Lower East Side and Langer’s in LA are cited references) Monty’s Deli, taking up an old bakery space, is aiming to become a homey neighborhood staple rather than an ephemeral foodie hotspot. (And with the opening of

Zobler’s at the ground floor of the brand-spanking new hotel and member’s club The Ned, competition is fierce). A few unique offerings include Shabbat menu every Friday night, as well as Kiddush wines and Passover-friendly plum brandy on the evening menu.

“There are still all the classics that have been around for years like Beigel Bake on Brick Lane and Reubens in Marylebone, but we’re really excited to bring back proper home-cooked Jewish soul food to the masses,” founder and chef Mark Ogus (who’s collaborated with fellow baker Owen Barratt since Monty’s was a stall) tells CH. “We make as much of what we can on site to give people the real experience that my Grandpa Monty gave me when I was growing up. With the move to Hoxton, we’re bringing Jewish food back to its rightful home in the East End.”

Get your huge portioned sandwiches at 227-229 Hoxton Street. Currently closed Mondays.

Images courtesy of Monty’s Deli


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