Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Medical marijuana for pets, designing utopia, using VR to solve crime and more in this week's look at the web

1. The Origins of Monopoly’s Iconic Playing Pieces

Ever wonder how such random items as a shoe, thimble, wheelbarrow and battleship became the playing pieces of possibly the most iconic board game in history? According to Cool Material, their origins date back to the 1930s, when Monopoly inventor (and probable idea thief) Charles Darrow developed the idea to use small items from around the house to use in his new board game. His niece recommended using charms from a bracelet, and ever since, the game has been sold with the lineup of miniature, metallic pieces—some retired and some brand new. Read more at Cool Material.

2. BMW Honors Its Iconic 2002 Turbo with the 2002 Hommage

At this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW paid respect to its iconic 2002 Turbo with a modern take: the 2002 Hommage. Taking cues from the Turbo’s distinctly stubby, two-door design, the Hommage honors the classic while offering an aggressive reimagination of the sporty coupe. The concept is unlikely to make it into production, so you’ll have to settle for looking at photos, design sketches and watching a video of it taking laps around the Alps—all available at designboom.

3. Images of Italy’s Charming Corner Stores

In his photo series “Heroes,” Italian photographer Francesco Pergolesi preserves the charm of mom-and-pop shops before they’re overrun by corporate brands. Tapping into his memories as a young child where he wandered the streets of his home village Spoleto, Pergolelsi captures the exterior of old-school corner shops throughout Italy and the dutiful owners that watch over them each day. From grocers to florists, butchers, woodworkers and more, each is seen tending to their craft late into the night. See more at Fubiz.

4. Virtual Reality Crime Scenes for Juries

Researchers from the UK’s Staffordshire University are currently experimenting with virtual reality to recreate crime scenes in the courtroom. The project aims to more accurately portray complex scenarios and evidence to juries, allowing them “walk through” spaces they could previously only envision through images and video. Using drones, 3D laser scanning and VR headsets, the project could revolutionize the way crime scenes are recorded and presented during hearings. Head to BBC to learn more.

5. Cannabis-Based Treats for Sick Pets

The wave of health benefits provided by medical marijuana has finally made its way beyond people, and into the lives of their favorite feline and canine counterparts, too. In one of many success stories, a family was able to treat their dog’s seizures with hemp-based dog treats (with little to no THC) called Treatibles, eradicating the convulsions altogether after regular doses. Now, more and more pet owners are looking to the plant to help ease the pain of their sick animals when traditional drugs don’t cut it. Read more at The Guardian.

6. A Self-Sustaining Utopian Village in The Netherlands

With the compounding effects of climate change in mind, Danish architecture studio EFFEKT has designed a utopian village system that could produce its own food and energy. Called the ReGen Villages, the plans include a series of structures that each come with an attached greenhouse, providing residents with space to grow food, recycle waste or farm through aquaponics. EFFEKT plans to exhibit the design at the upcoming Venice Biennale and will start building the first ReGen homes this summer in Almere, the Netherlands. Learn more at Dezeen.

7. South Korea’s Hangover-Curing Ice Cream

Soon South Koreans will be able to wake up and lie in bed after a late night of drinking and eat ice cream to cure their hangovers. A national convenience store chain called Withme FS has created a grapefruit-flavored ice cream bar that contains a time-honored hangover remedy: the juice of a raisin tree. They’ve named the healing dessert the “Gyeondyo-bar,” which appropriately translates to “hang in there.” We’re seriously hoping it ships internationally. Head to Munchies to learn more.

8. Popular Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Were About Drugs

Drug references run deep in the history of music. In a way, music almost serves as a record of drugs and their popularity throughout the decades—from psychedelics and marijuana in the ‘70s to hip-hop’s love for dirty Sprite in the 2000s. For every song unmistakably dedicated to drugs, there are probably five others laced with subtle references blowing right past us. Cool Material recently rounded-up a few historical hits—from Ed Sheeran’s “The A-Team” to Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life”—that you probably did not know were all about drugs. See the full list at their site.

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