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Tuileries Candle


An opulent homage to the rose, the Tuileries fragrance was crafted for French candlemaker Trudon’s 350th anniversary. Floral and fruity, it contains notes of classic scents like rose, musk, patchouli and sandalwood, …

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Saint Levant: Very Few Friends

Gaza-born Saint Levant (aka Marwan Abdelhamid) is a Palestinian, Algerian, French and Serbian artist whose moniker is a reference to and reclamation of orientalism (“levant,” meaning “to rise” in French, is a …

Numero Group

Air Volta


Pressed onto a distressed purple vinyl, Air Volta is an infectious album born from (and in spite of) the French colonialism that took place in what is now Burkina Faso. From the …

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Pierre Kwenders: Kilimanjaro

Kinshasa, Congo-born and Montreal, Canada-based recording artist Pierre Kwenders (aka José Louis Modabi) shares a moody new video for “Kilimanjaro,” a genre- and language-bending track from his latest album José Louis And …

Justine Clenquet

Honey Necklace


From Justine Clenquet’s eponymous brand (which she founded when she was 18, in 2010) comes the Honey Necklace, a brass piece dipped in palladium and pale 24k gold, designed and handmade in …

Justine Clenquet

Mallory Bracelet


Known for mixing various textures, metals and stones (from Swarovski crystals to pearls and more) in her jewelry, French designer Justine Clenquet launched her eponymous label 11 years ago after studying at …