“LUV (I KNOW I WANT THIS FOR REAL)” is another ’80s-inflected jam from singer-songwriter Q (aka Q Steve Marsden). Following the thread of his previous singles “TODAY” and “STEREO DRIVER“, the latest track encapsulates Marsden’s genre-defying panache: it’s retro with synths and an alluring, compressed beat but remains contemporary. With the artist’s soulful vocals and robust percussion, the single is a lush bop.

Nick Campbell Destroys feat. Antwaun Stanley: The End?

Art is Los Angeles-born bassist and composer Nick Campbell Destroys’ debut album, a spatial and surprising project of industrial jazz-funk that seeks to reinvent modern jazz. The last track, “The End?,” marks a fun and funky farewell, grooving through a comedic intro, dizzying instrumentation and funk-inflected, soulful vocals from Antwaun Stanley. The song has all the freshness and excitement of an artist exploring how to stretch …

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A dazzling duet, a breakup bop, an unexpected music video and more from the week

Charlotte Dos Santos: Hello Hello Brazilian-Norwegian artist Charlotte Dos Santos weaves samba, bossa nova, jazz, synths and R&B together for her debut album, MORFO, a dazzling project about love, ancestry and transformation. Its first track, “Hello Hello,” is a breakup bop, blending sensuous Latin-inspired percussion with Dos Santos’ ethereal vocals. Sonically and conceptually layered, the single perfectly encapsulates the album’s enchanting complexity as a whole. Wilco: A …