The Only Woman

A compelling reflection on history and culture, The Only Woman by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Immy Humes celebrates women in male-dominated fields while illustrating the absurdity (and perils) of tokenism. From 1860 to present day and across 20 countries, Humes spotlights pioneers and disruptors, re-contextualizing gender equality and paying tribute to famous and overlooked musicians, astronauts, railroad workers, sportspeople, politicians, activists and more.

Inspired by California and Owned by Women, LA’s Future Gin

A smooth, juicy spirit that points toward progress

Within the expansive category of gin distillation, few embody the juicy and refreshing taste of California and even fewer are fully owned and operated by women. These distinctions are just part of what makes Future Gin so exceptional. Founded by four friends—Amy Atwood, Mary Bartlett, Freya Estreller and Natasha Case—Future Gin bottles the 50+ combined years of expertise in the food, wine and spirits industry …

Artist RTiiiKA’s Queer Condoms for Gender-Free Genitals

At Bristol-based artist RTiiiKA’s recent exhibition, Between the Lines, the artist handed out queer condoms to accompany her work on display. The condoms came emblazoned with different labels like “FOR VERY BIG CLiTS,” “FOR DYKES WHO SLEEP WiTH DiCKS,” “FOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN” and more. The condoms and the exhibition sought to remove the gender binary, and center queer sexuality, group pleasure and, as …