Artist RTiiiKA’s Queer Condoms for Gender-Free Genitals

At Bristol-based artist RTiiiKA’s recent exhibition, Between the Lines, the artist handed out queer condoms to accompany her work on display. The condoms came emblazoned with different labels like “FOR VERY BIG CLiTS,” “FOR DYKES WHO SLEEP WiTH DiCKS,” “FOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN” and more. The condoms and the exhibition sought to remove the gender binary, and center queer sexuality, group pleasure and, as RTiiiKA (aka Rosa ter Kuile) says, “the many ways to enjoy sex outside of the hetero (or even homo) norm.” When it comes to art, RTiiiKA does this through minimalist lines and genderless figures which put a playful spin on ambiguity. Between her illustrations, paintings, street art, zines and other creative ventures, the self-taught artist intends to make more queer condoms to continue championing pleasure as a form of resistance. Read more about RTiiika and her radical art at It’s Nice That.

Image of RTiiiKA: Queer Condoms—Gender-free Genitals; courtesy of the artist