Repeat Utensil Set

Packable and easy to carry, To-Go Ware’s Repeat Utensil Kit features a pair of chopsticks, a fork, knife and spoon. Each utensil is made from recycled bamboo and the carrying case is made from RPET (recycled PET plastic). Plus, they’re heat- and stain-resistant and won’t absorb unsavory flavors.

Limited Edition Duffle Bag

Handmade in the US, KILLSPENCER’s limited edition duffle bag has been crafted from Italian oil-suede in a rich, olive green hue. With Swiss Riri zippers, bullhide leather accents and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, the bag is practical, yet luxurious and understated. Ultimately though, it’s sturdy—thanks in part to fire-retardant and waterproof nylon lining.

A Greener Way to Make Blue Jeans

While the majority of blue jeans are dyed with synthetically produced indigo, researchers at the University of California have potentially discovered a way to make the process more eco-friendly—and the answer is bacteria. Instead of adding to the many chemicals (including formaldehyde) released during the now-traditional practice, scientists created a strain of E. coli bacteria which only needs to have an enzyme added to dye …