Solar on the Move with Sun King PRO

A portable and affordable sun-fueled lamp and USB charger to keep you powered


As solar cells have become more durable, compact, efficient and cheap to produce, the technology has gradually found its way into a greater number of consumer products. From backpacks to watches , harnessing the sun’s energy has never been more accessible. And the Sun King PRO from Chicago-based Greenlight Planet means a weatherproof solar panel charges a highly durable 165-lumen LED lamp. The lamp runs for up to 36 hours on a single day’s charge with three variable brightness settings and an automatic power-saving mode when battery levels dip.


Perhaps most useful for outdoor users is the USB charging capability. While it’s always essential to have a light source, having a fully charged GoPro or iPhone doesn’t hurt either. The dual USB port allows users to charge one device while powering another, while a color LED indicator makes monitoring solar charging and battery usage simple and easy. Ditch the stand for outdoor adventures but keep it on hand for sprucing up your desk with a touch of sustainability. While relatively new to the US, Greenlight Planet has over 6,000 micro-entrepreneurs in middle and low income countries around the world where electricity is unavailable, unpredictable or access is inequitable. Through this community-based sales approach, families around the world have adopted affordable solar energy sources in lieu of inefficient and unhealthy sources like kerosene lamps.

Pick up the Sun King PRO for $50 from Greenlight Planet.

Images by Cool Hunting