Mojo’s Gummies Harness the Power of Microdosing for Everyday Use

The world's first legal microdose alternative now comes in a micro and macro form

While magic mushrooms do open a doorway to a psychedelic world, many people take them in order to enter the elusive flow state: a period of feeling present, creative, clear-headed and energized. This is commonly achieved through microdosing, but now there is a new way to feel these effects without psilocybin. Mojo, a product from Gwella (an organization dedicated to exploring mushrooms), is the world’s …

Swedish Candy Fish

Inspired by real fish and flavored with natural ingredients, these candies are an elevated take on Swedish Fish. Malmö, Sweden-based Kolsvart started by making traditional Swedish licorice but soon began experimenting with various tastes and combinations—always keeping their gummies vegan and gluten-free. In these packs of three, flavors range from Röding Raspberry Fish to the more adventurous Gäddan Elderflower Fish.

Spring + Summer Hiking Essentials

From hats to sports bras and even edibles, our favorite items for walking in the woods

The weather in the Northern Hemisphere keeps getting more and more conducive to outdoor adventures, and one of our favorites is the humble hike. A wander through nature can be a very grounding experience, and often requires few products or planning—depending on just how intense the trail of choice is. That said, there are a few items essential for a pleasant, safe walk in the …