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Exploring the Flavor Developments of Haribo Gummies

From its 16 factories across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and soon the US, international confectioner Haribo produces roughly 100 million “Goldbears” gummy bears each day, as well as several other styles of cherished sweets. The 100-year-old company appeals to so many globally thanks to their dynamic production methods, which cater to the different palates of consumers around the world. The exact recipe, which began with “gelatin, sugar, a copper kettle, a rolling pin, and the magic of thermodynamics” is still unknown and has morphed over time. “Because of the way we produce our candies, we can make a lot of flavors and profiles with agility,” Lauren Triffler, head of corporate communications of Haribo of America, explains to Popular Science. This results in substantial experimentation and exhaustive testing by the brand’s food scientists as they seek the appropriate flavors, aromas and even textures that correspond to people’s perception of a fruit taste (more so than the fruit’s actual taste). Read more about consumer desires and how Haribo develops products at Popular Science.

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