My Mediterranean Vintage Hammock Float

Contemporary artist Daimon Downey’s geometric and seashell-filled artwork lines either end of this vintage-style SUNNYLiFE float, evoking images of dreamy European summers. The hammock shape doubles as a floating lounge (when used lengthwise) or submerged chair (when sitting in the middle). It features inflated pillows on either end, as well as cotton-backed PVC, ensuring it is as comfortable as it is retro.

Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Bikes and Outdoors

For adventurers of all kinds—gear, accessories and more for all their exploits

Many of us love to be outdoors and many others oftentimes need a reminder of the great joys nature and outside activities can provide. Hopping on a bike can be a liberating experience, be that in a city or down a country road. Tents and camping gear can elevate an excursion to something truly memorable. With the proper equipment, hikers aren’t only safe, but they …

Co-Op Quarter Dome Air Hammock

Crafted from lightweight ripstop nylon and bug-repelling mesh, REI’s Quarter Dome Air Hammock also happens to be a swaying, functional tent. Built for one occupant seeking a sleeping area off the ground, the hammock comes complete with a nylon rainfly, shock-corded poles and dacron lines—all of which stow into a carry bag. And, if you just want to rest for a quick second under the …