Tentsile Tree Tents

Literally elevating the camping experience

Try to name a few common headaches of sleeping in a tent and they’ll likely all point to one problem: the ground. Rocky surfaces make it tough to pick a suitable spot while runoff from rain can seep in from below—and don’t forget about snakes and other critters that like to surprise at night. London-based Tentsile Tree Tents is eliminating virtually all of these camping hassles by simply lifting their shelters a few feet off the ground. The lightweight, packable tents latch on to three nearby trees (or other large anchors) to create a comfortable buffer between you and any unwanted guests below, all while providing superb views of the surrounding nature. Available in three sizes—with the smallest accommodating one person and the largest fitting up to three people—the Tree Tents come with a tear-resistant insect-mesh roof and a waterproof rain cover and take just 15 minutes to set up.

Founder Alex Shirley-Smith conceived the idea for Tentsile Tree Tents many years after finding inspiration in the Ewoks of Star Wars and their elaborate tree villages. “I wanted a tree house that I could take with me. A one-size-fits-all solution that anyone can use anywhere,” he tells CH. That, combined with a passion to stop deforestation around the world, later led him to realize that humans would only feel compelled to preserve forests if they found a deeper connection to standing trees. Furthering their commitment to stopping deforestation, Tentsile has also partnered with We Forest, an international non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating Earth’s indigenous forests. For every Tree Tent purchased, three new trees are planted in Africa.

Browse Tentsile’s full range of Tree Tents (starting at $350) at their online shop or a nearby brick and mortar store. And if camping isn’t really your jam, Tentsile’s unique hammocks are their own kind of mini-party, fitting up to three people; perfect for summer sunbathing.

Images courtesy of Tentsile