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Amok’s Draumr, the Tent-Hammock Hybrid

The functionality of tent camping meets laid-back comfort from the new Norwegian company

There’s no better time to hit the outdoors for a bit of peace and quiet than the early stages of summer. Tourist hotspots aren’t yet (completely) overrun and the warm weather still has novelty on its side. If you’re trying to catch your share of camp vibes this summer, but waking up on the ground isn’t your thing, check out the Draumr from Trondheim, Norway-based Amok Equipment. Packing down into a stuff sack about the size of a water bottle, the Draumr is protected from wild weather and bugs—coming equipped with a waterproof tarp and a mosquito net.


While most hammocks are comfortable for just a few hours, the Draumr allows users to lie flat and sleep in just about any position. The hammock features a pocket fitted for an inflatable sleeping pad to create a flat surface for snoozing. A quick pull of the suspension straps from inside raises the bed up to a sitting position, perfect for reading, fishing or a wilderness libation via the built-in bottle holder.

The Draumr, which is Amok’s first product, is currently available for pre-order for $380, which includes the hammock, suspension straps, bug net, waterproof tarp and stakes.

Images courtesy of Amok Equipment


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