Google Stadia Shows Infinite Potential

Cloud-based gaming hasn't worked in the past, but the conditions are right for the tech giant to enter the market

Rather than localizing the millions of gamers that go online each day to consoles with limitations in each person’s home, Google Stadia aims to bring the entirety of the gaming industry online. The proposition, when introduced earlier in 2019, raised eyebrows as no longer would gamers claim physical ownership of their console or games, as purchases would be relegated to a distant server under Google‘s …

Google Reaffirms its Focus on Hardware at NYC Unveiling Event

From a new Pixel with tiny but mighty upgrades to the Nest Mini's incredible audio, new products from the tech company

Though hardware (phones, speakers, laptops) makes up a small portion of what Google does, their releases remain significant. In fact, with each debut, they come closer to the likes of Apple and Samsung. Especially as Google’s roster of products grows to include smart-home and assistant-equipped products and the fourth generation of its smartphone: the Pixel. Announced today, the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL …

Qliplet Carabiner

A new, more functional take on the traditional carabiner, Qliplet features a rotating, folding hook that can hang onto just about anything—leaving your hands free for climbing and carrying. Made from super-strong but lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, the Qliplet can hold up to 50 pounds and comes in multitude of colorways.