Havana Blues

Pastel facades, vintage cars, Art Deco buildings and architectural travels, as well as a unique blend of African, French, Spanish and North American influences converse in Havana, Cuba—and, thus, in Pamela Ruiz’s photobook that honors the vibrant city. With over 200 exquisite images, Ruiz captures Cuba’s rich culture, self-determination and progress.

Word of Mouth: Havana

This stunning, timeless city has plenty of surprises—if you know where to look

The landscape in Havana, Cuba’s capital city, tells two different stories: the first paints a picture of candy-colored buildings and sidewalk salsa dancing; the second shows crumbling facades and a glimpse of the city’s scars after two independence wars, a US trade embargo and 50 years of strained foreign relations. Despite this juxtaposition of beauty and destruction, one thing remains: this city feels incredibly alive. On …

INFINITI Takes Their Q60 to Havana

Executive design director Alfonso Albaisa traces his roots in Cuba, while bringing the first US car to the country in 58 years

Growing up in Miami, INFINITI‘s executive design director Alfonso Albaisa is Cuban, yet is also (in his words) a “product of the United States.” Despite the tie to his homeland being built on his parents’ and family’s stories and photographs rather than his own experience, Albaisa patriotism and connection to Cuba was unshakable. With INFINITI, Albaisa got the opportunity to visit Cuba for the first …