INFINITI Takes Their Q60 to Havana

Executive design director Alfonso Albaisa traces his roots in Cuba, while bringing the first US car to the country in 58 years

Growing up in Miami, INFINITI‘s executive design director Alfonso Albaisa is Cuban, yet is also (in his words) a “product of the United States.” Despite the tie to his homeland being built on his parents’ and family’s stories and photographs rather than his own experience, Albaisa patriotism and connection to Cuba was unshakable. With INFINITI, Albaisa got the opportunity to visit Cuba for the first time—and bring the first US-spec car registered in Cuba in 58 years. Unveiling the Q60 in Havana, Albaisa also explored architecture and design by visiting his uncle’s house. In the short created by INFINITI, viewers are taken on a trip that’s part cultural, part historical, part travel, and also intensely personal.

Images courtesy of INFINITI