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Profi Nasal Spray

Courtesy of Profi

Created by Harvard Medical School professors, Profi is a new non-medical nasal spray that creates a micro hydrogel lining in your nose, preventing 99% of viral pathogens (cold, flu, COVID, etc.) from …

Mount Sunny

Gut Harmony Digestion


From Arizona-based wellness studio Mount Sunny comes Gut Harmony Digestion, a potent, adaptogenic formula that targets digestive stressors while bolstering the gut microbiome. Comprising chaga, Hawthorne berry, citrus peel, poria and baked …

Tangram Factory

SmartRope Chrome


Featuring durable alloy ball bearings for reduced friction and decreased wrist strain, the SmartRope Chrome is a tech-forward jump rope that displays fitness data mid-air using LEDs. Built with accurate workout tracking …


Alpine Ubarre


Fitness company Equipt’s underlying belief is that beautiful design inspires movement, and that’s exactly what their signature Ubarre does. This U-shaped weight doubles as elegant home decor and adaptable workout equipment, suitable …