Looni’s Menstrual-Health Supplements Tackle Medical Misogyny

Powered by an all-women medical team, this new menstrual health company takes women's pain seriously

For more than a decade, vomiting and fainting were par for the course for Chelsea Leyland, a DJ and activist working to de-stigmatize cannabis and epilepsy. Over the years, Leyland would go to physicians to try to deal with her pain but was met with the same dismissive response every time, being told “it’s normal.” This is partly why it took years for the her …

Good Sh*t: Your Holistic Guide to the Best Poop of Your Life

With the right blend of guidance and humor, the interactive paperback Good Sh*t: Your Holistic Guide to the Best Poop of Your Life aims to gauge and improve each reader’s overall well-being by focusing on their gut health. Written by (full-time yoga teachers) Julia Blohberger and Roos Neeter, the 128-page conversational manual even includes an easy-to-use journal to include your own experience.

SmartRope Chrome

Featuring durable alloy ball bearings for reduced friction and decreased wrist strain, the SmartRope Chrome is a tech-forward jump rope that displays fitness data mid-air using LEDs. Built with accurate workout tracking and permanent non-contact sensors, the SmartRope—offered in three sizes: small, medium and large—provides jump counts, calories burned and other training data. As it rotates, the rechargeable micro USB-supported rope projects informative notes about …