L’Ombre des Merveilles

An Hermès fragrance for all genders, L’Ombre des Merveilles weaves together the aromas of tonka bean and black tea. Helmed by in-house perfumer Christine Nagel, the scent exudes a woodsy, almost incense-like undercurrent. Sculptor Serge Mansau designed the star-speckled magnifying bottle, which rocks gently into one’s hand.

Eight Stunning New Timepieces Ranging from the Accessible to the Aspirational

Recently released, impeccably designed watches, priced between $95 and $39,900

Our wrists remain a place for design, despite the tech world’s attempts to take over the area. The following eight watches reflect their brand’s meticulous design vision and technical capabilities. There’s plenty of diversity—from a retro-futuristic digital update to an affordable, bright and bold quartz, and an even ultra-thin and monochrome wonder. Prices commence under $100 and rise to well over $30,000. Regardless of cost, …

Cool Hunting Video: Creative Collaboration at Hermès Home

We tour the impressive Milan Design Week installation with the brand's co-Artistic Directors

We caught up with Hermès maison co-Deputy Artistic Directors Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry during Milan Design Week in their spectacular installation at the Museo della Permanente. Featuring rooms covered in 600,000 colorful Moroccan zellige tiles that took three weeks to create the space was created simply to show off the 2018-2019 collection for the week. Perelman designed the installation, and Hervé Sauvage collaborated …