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Hermès’ Limited Edition “The Battery New York” Scarf

An vivid aerial scene of lower Manhattan and its 25-acre public park, with proceeds benefitting The Battery Conservancy

A decade ago Hermès opened the doors to a retail location on Broad Street in lower Manhattan initiating a commercial return to a neighborhood in recovery. Only steps away, the Battery—a 25-acre park that now sees seven million visitors a year—was also under development, spearheaded by the Battery Conservancy. Both of these organizations emphasized—and continue to emphasize—the importance of building and supporting community, especially through challenging times. From their positions at Manhattan’s southern-most tip, they observed each other’s progress and the neighborhood’s tourist and residential acceleration. This year, Hermès has been chosen as the honoree at the Battery Conservancy’s annual gala. In turn, the French luxury retailer announced the limited edition Battery New York scarf. Designed by Hermès artist Ugo Gattoni, the 100% silk twill, hand-rolled scarf depicts a vibrant aerial scene of the Battery and lower Manhattan with unexpected artistic flourishes. And, of course, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Battery Conservancy.

Hermès CEO Robert Chavez notes that it traditionally takes two years to develop a scarf but under the guidance of the Battery Conservancy founder and president Warrie Price, this limited edition piece was executed in a year. A glance at its design reveals so much visitors have come to love about the Battery—a hub for those looking to peep the Statue of Liberty while keeping their feet on Manhattan. There’s the perennial gardens, created by notable landscape architect Piet Oudolf, and the almost two-year-old Seaglass Carousel (another project overseen by Price), designed by architectural firm WXY and artist George Tsypin. The Battery represents the depth of New York City’s history—though it continues to evolve under the Battery Conservancy’s preservation and developmental efforts. Hermès captures it beautifully in the hopes of lending support to the cause.

You can purchase the Hermès limited edition Battery New York scarf online, while supplies last, for $395.

Images courtesy of Hermès


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