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Link Culture
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An Ever-Growing Database of Good News

Meant to “move our attention beyond dramatic news headlines to the slow developments and quiet trends that go unseen, uncelebrated,” Beautiful News (by Information Is Beautiful) stores infographics and research results that …

Cultural Almanac Membership


Creative consultancy Grossman & Partners shares their critically acclaimed insights in an annual hard bound publication, and their new membership service will come complete with this year’s limited edition almanac, as well …

Because I Said So!


The loveable Ken Jennings is known for his amazing record-breaking winning streak on Jeopardy in 2004. Now the ultra-nerd has authored a fascinating read—completely interesting and accessible—even for lesser minds. “Because I …

A-Z Coffee


Dubbed, “a kick-starter for geeky coffee conversations,” Kaffikaze’s A-Z Coffee guide is a caffeinated force to reckon with. Valuable bits of coffee knowledge are dropped next to drawings by the talented London-based …