Zeitguide 2013

A pocket-sized almanac to the year in culture


Each year, consulting agency Grossman & Partners pulls on a wealth of research, intuition and cultural know-how to produce the Zeitguide, a briefing for the year ahead. The project is an addendum to their day job, which involves assessing cultural goings-on and making sense of them for corporations. Founder Brad Grossman started his company following a long stint as producer Brian Grazer’s right-hand man, a piece of training that molded him into a walking, talking cultural compass. Anyone who knows Grossman is aware of his dizzying pace and capacity for big picture thinking. Over the year, Grossman and his team meticulously pore over events and developments, parsing out the noise to give a clean and concise overview of the things you need to know.


Until recently, Grossman as well as his incomparable assistant, Gigi Swift called CH HQ their home. This year’s edition of the Zeitguide is a fond reminder of the savvy team as well as a look at what to expect in the coming months. The edition highlights the democratization of art, hyperlocal food, the re-ignition of US manufacturing and the rise of social companies, not to mention dozens of other trends in a range of industries. The insights are invaluable for not only connecting the dots and assessing what went on in 2012, but also predicting what it all means for the future. (It’s also a great catchup tool in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past year.)

The Zeitguide—both in print and as a hypertext—is available online for $35.

Images by James Thorne