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MIT’s New Color-Changing Ink, PhotoChromeleon

From MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory comes a product that could calm the nerves of fickle consumers. PhotoChromeleon is a high-tech ink that changes color through “reprogramming.” This means exposing …

CH + AmDC: Expedition Mobile


Minnesota-born, New Jersey-based artist Brian Farrell applies his illustrations to a range of home accessories, like this hand-painted and silk-screened mobile influenced by nature, survival and adventure, in a color created specially …

Finger Printing Art Kit


Turn human fingerprints into funny little creatures with this ink and stamp set for kids. The reusable tin comes packed with 10 color pencils, 10 stamps, three ink pads and an “ideas” …

Name Stamp with Custom Calligraphy


Paperfinger’s personalized name stamp adds a winsome touch to correspondence, scrapbooks or any creative project that needs your name on it. Pick from one of ten different calligraphy styles for a distinctive …

Posh Stamps


These Posh Stamps are exactly as advertised, and will add a major dose of formal flair and old world elegance to even the most mundane of correspondence. From Moko Sellers, the East …