Kaweco fuses heritage and modern convenience in an ultra-portable fountain pen


Named for the diminutive island dwellers of Gulliver’s Travels, Liliput is a petite new pen from heritage German pen-maker Kaweco. True to its name, the pen measures only 3.8 inches when closed, expanding to five when posed for writing. At first glance, the cylindrical capsule could be anything from an EpiPen to an elongated pillbox, but don’t let its austerity fool you. Made from solid aluminum, it takes refillable cartridges and at only eight grams, weighs next to nothing.


The kind of pen James Bond would use to gloss dossiers, the company culled their own archives for the 1930s design on which they based this present model. Those afraid of the mess, maintenance, and pretentiousness of a fountain pen can rest easy. Kaweco’s standard refills work with all their models, are a breeze to install and ink flows instantly from the stainless steel nib. And because of Liliput’s spartan figure, nobody will call you a fuddy-duddy for using a fountain pen. Still not sold? Kaweco also makes a ballpoint version of the Liliput.

At only $50, Liliput is a perfect introductory fountain pen, making a great gift for epistolary pals. Find it online through Jet Pens.