Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An innovative orange juicer, how science fiction inspires science, a stadium-sized nature installation and more from the web this week

Orange Juicer Turns Peels Into Cups Italian design firm Carlo Ratti Associati’s “Feel the Peel” machine takes the beloved orange juicer and turns it into a model for sustainability. The oranges are still freshly squeezed, but their peels are turned into biodegradable, bioplastic cups. The massive machine stands over nine feet tall and can accommodate 1,500 oranges. Each is peeled and its rind is dried, …

MIT’s New Color-Changing Ink, PhotoChromeleon

From MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory comes a product that could calm the nerves of fickle consumers. PhotoChromeleon is a high-tech ink that changes color through “reprogramming.” This means exposing the ink to UV light to activate or deactivate some of its components, which include “a scientific mix of cyan, magenta, and yellow photochromic dyes,” according to Fast Company. The sprayable ink can …

CH + AmDC: Expedition Mobile

Minnesota-born, New Jersey-based artist Brian Farrell applies his illustrations to a range of home accessories, like this hand-painted and silk-screened mobile influenced by nature, survival and adventure, in a color created specially for Cool Hunting. Available at AmDC’s NYC pop-up, 27 Howard Street.