Tom Sachs x Krink

Graffiti's favorite marker reworked by one of art's favorite conceptual sculptors


Like most artists, Tom Sachs is very exacting of his tools. He does a lot of tagging and signing as part of his work and is very particular about the pens he uses, even selling a personalized Sharpie from his website. As part of an exchange with graffiti artist and Krink creator KR, Sachs recently began using his pens and liked their opacity and extreme permanence so much so they decided to collaborate.


The Tom Sachs x Krink collection includes their latest release—a K-12 permanent paint marker with a new roller ball tip created in white exclusively for the set. Think of it as your new white out. Additionally Sachs and KR designed a new barrel and top for the classic black K-70 permanent ink marker, as well a red K-77 permanent paint marker with a special slow drip and quick dry formula. The pens come with a handsome handmade stand using Sachs’ trademark “Police Line Do Not Cross” wood stock, shellacked for durability.

A limited edition of 100, each signed and numbered set sells online for $550 from Tom Sachs and Colette—where you can catch Sachs’ “Trunk Show” through 31 October 2010.